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Hey Gang!

I've been MIA but it's only because it's County Fair time around here and I judge at several fairs. Then when I miss work I've got a lot to catch up on. This is the first time today I've been able to play, so I wanted to say
hi to everyone.

Glad to see some of you getting to do the doc dance! I've got a way to go yet before I can doc dance but I'm always happy for those who get to do the dance.

Not much to report, just have been busy. The weather here can't make up it's mind. Yesterday was suppose to be very hot and humid with heat index hitting about 110 degrees. Well, what's the weatherman know - yesterday we had rain and it cooled down very nicely. Today is still rainy and humid so we just have to wait and see what the weather brings us and don't count on the weatherman to tell us.

I guess I'd best get back to work, I'll try to post earlier tomorrow.

Everyone have a great evening - enjoy!
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