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Default Re: Cost savings

Originally Posted by skipp_r1
I would think that more stops closer together would save more money then adding sea days where the enginges are using fuel at a higher rate.
As I really enjoy the longer cruises, I think adding a day to T/A's and roundtrips to Hawaii and going slower would save on fuel.

As far as food, the ship wastes a a huge amount of food in the buffets where they don't know how many people are going to eat there. Close the main dining room for breakfast or lunch and have everyone eat in the buffet, or close the buffet for one of the meals and have everyone dine in the main dineing room. Lobsters- serve two tails with the dinner and do not allow diners to order additional lobster meals, they can order anything else on the menu but are limited to just the two lobster tails. Thus saving money and preserving one of the great perks of cruising.
That actually sounds reasonable. I think if they use their heads, they can make alot of small changes like that which really aren't going to sting anybody too much and could add up to huge savings for them if done fleet wide. Many shorter cruises, at least on some lines, are still around 300 bucks (before all the add ons of fuel, air fare tax etc). With the price of everything going up, is it really reasonable to think they can provide large production shows, a night to gorge on unlimited lobster and numerous other all inclusive features without something having to give pretty soon? I'm not a big lobster guy and it wasn't even offered last fall on our 4 day Sovereign cruise so I guess I thought it had already been taken away anyway...Maybe it's only on 5 day or longer cruises??

I'll probably get some heat for this, but they could probably save alot by just cutting off ALL food between, for example, 3 am to 6 am. I suppose room service is nice but I'm not sure it should be a total freebie except maybe for those in suites or other premium accomodations. I'm also not sure, for example, that pizza needs to be available at 4:30 am...Those are just small examples of other adjustments I think they could make that isn't going to ruin anyones vacation. I know most of us will waste away if we have to stop eating for a few hours during the early morning hours but hopefully, we'll survive lol.

One last small cost cutter for RCI...Lay off that stupid pirate!!
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