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No offense at all - but are you sure you want to travel with a newborn? I've been sick with the flu and norwalk is rampit on these cruises. I would not subject a small infant that has not built up an immune system on a ship. It is not safe at all. Also - no offense intended at all as you may not been on cruises before - but the cabins are small and the walls thin. If the baby cries all night long it is not just you who will be kept up all night. I once followed a baby in diapers (old enough to waddle walk) around the concrete edge of the pool for half way around the pool before a dad came and grabbed the child and looked at me like I was trying to steal it. Excuse me - where was he to let a baby walk around the concrete edge of a pool???? It is so much responsibility to watch them in a normal environment but very difficult on a cruise where they really shouldnt' be out of arms reach at all... I dont' have children so take this with a grain of salt please - it is just coming from someone that ends up watching other peoples kids on cruises...... Debbie
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