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This is an ever-changing list, as we sail different lines, and as old friends seem to improve, or seem to deteriorate. . .Right now:

1. Oceania. We have evolved to a strong preference for smaller ships, with passengers who are generally well-traveled and bright, yet on a ship that is adult-casual, where most everybody knows what that means and don't obsess about it. We also tend to appreciate their itineraries, which are usually interesting and--partly because of the small ships--off the beaten path.

2. Celebrity. We started sailing on X in 2000 with the inaugural season of the Millennium, and like the line very much. However, we now strongly feel that M-class ships are about as large as we ever wish to sail, and actually prefer smaller ones. And although we have no objections to dressing up (I've owned a tux forever), it is becoming more and more of a hassle to carry lots of clothes around. Plus, we much prefer the various forms of "dine when, where and with whom you please" to the standard two-seating, fixed table approach. We look forward to trying Azmara at some point to see how Celebrity is doing with the same ships as Oceania.

3. Princess. A real love-hate relationship here. They're really a decent line, except for the couple really awful cruises we've had with them. They certainly do represent value, we believe, and we'd love to try one of their R-ships as well, just to try small-ship cruising on a mass market line.

We've also been on NCL, RCCL, Holland and Cunard, but not recently enough to count them in a current evaluation. In general, both NCL and RCCL were better than we thought they'd be back then, but we didn't expect much.
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