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Originally Posted by redsails
Thanks so much for the encouraging info - we have 3 first timers in our party and I am so anxious for them to have a wonderful experience from start to finish.

We, too, have sailed with first timers and upon our recommendation sailed HAL. They had a wonderful time and returned to sail HAL again.

But, I learned a lesson and that was to not obsess about them having the perfect experience. Life in general and cruising in particular are not perfect. Few things in life are.

Expect there will be a glitch or to and decide to roll with it. If you expect perfection and lead your friends to expect it, you are setting HAL up to fail. You could, without intention, make it impossible for HAL to please.
We have been on a great many HAL cruises and they have all been fabulous but only a handful were truly 'perfect'. Leave a little room for people to be human and for "Mr. Murphy" (as in Murphy's Law) to sometimes appearl.

JMO ........
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