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Originally Posted by kymosmom
Ocean on all four sides, except for like the previous post stated, some of Baja. They definitely don't hug the coast, they get you far from land and then you wake up in the morning and you're in a port! There is also a monitor on one of the main decks that shows you an image of where you are in relation to land, the speed of the ship as well as the direction your headed. Quite interesting!
Okay, I'm not saying I expect any hurricanes... but should there be any concerns during my cruise, would that monitor also show weather patterns/tropical storms etc...
How cool will that be to see where the ship is in relationship to the land.
Is that something that's viewable from your cabin on your tv?
Is this on all ships, cause i didn't hear of anything like this on the Paradise, of course we didn't have in room monitors (for viewing S&S card) either.
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