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Originally Posted by You
Some employees came to work to see a sign on the door....Not a nice way to learn you are out of work? That wasn't handled very good IMHO.
That's true, but it's "usual and customary" in the restaurant business. At least they put a sign in the window. I remember one restaurant that closed after a normal Friday night, and all of its furnshings -- booths, tables, etc. -- were gone before 8:00 AM the next morning (a Saturday). And the owner of a very upscale restaurant that also handled functions, Hugo's Lighthouse, decided to renovate the place and reopen it under a different name, so he also simply did not open the place on Saturday. Not only did the employees find out when they showed up for work, but they gave no notice whatsoever to the bridal parties that had prepaid wedding receptions booked there over that weekend! Suffice it to say that I have never gone back to the latter since that weekend, and I won't dine there until I'm absolutely certain that it is again under new management!

Actually, the hotel industry is even worse. The way that a hotel manager finds out that he's terminated is usually that his keys suddenly don't open the door to his office when he shows up for work because the company changed the lock during the night.

By law, the company must pay two weeks of severance to each affected employee. Nonetheless, actually collecting that pay can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, in the case of Bennigan's, the employees' compensation is first in the queue in bankruptcy proceedings.

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