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Originally Posted by DayvidB
Sorry, but the next 8 -12 months will tell regarding the affect of the credir crunch on vacations and cruisin.... People are going to sit tight and wait... only so many out there with enough money that means that dont care. We are at the tip of the iceberg
We believe it's not so much a question of people with the money to cruise, for we really think that those with the means to travel, are more discriminating than those who may be less fortunate. As we all witness the brochures in our mailboxes and the ridiculous prices offered, we know what is happening. Place 3500 people aboard a ship for a seven day cruise and price it as if it were a Club Med and you have the makings of floating hotel with party party party. It doesn't matter where the ship goes, where it docks or where if any culture may be found, it's party party party. Thank you but no thank you. Should the cruise lines address their product to the lowest common denominator, then let them fall when that segment of the economy has more important things to do with it's disposable income.
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