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Most guys will tell you that their wives are the spendthrifts and they manage their family finances, especially those guys in macho professions similar to the one from which I'm retired. Is that really true?

I don't know but it sure ain't in my case. I have always freely admitted that I could be locked in a closet with a hundred dollar bill and when released from that closet eight hours later, I'd have maybe a nickel in my pocket and not be able to tell you where the other $99.95 went. I was the type of person when I was younger that spent money as if I printed my own. That was until I got married.

That is why the little lady handles our finances. If we can't readily afford it, it don't get bought. Period. All things considered, we've done admirably.

And yes, my "party hardy" days have been severely restricted for about thirty-six years. Of course today at my age, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

Maybe that's why Dave The Wave is my hero! GET OUT THERE Dave 'cause you too are gonna' get old some day!

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