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You're right, Diverb. Infants can be a distraction to those around, but with a little careful planning and consideration by their parents they don't have to be. There were many nights when we ate at the buffet because I didn't feel my babies were up to a long dinner. When we did use the dining room, I made sure to bring plenty of things to occupy the babies and I was prepared to take them out if they started to cry (they never did). I was traveling with extended family so we had a large table to ourselves and didn't have to worry about disturbing other guests at the table.

In the showroom, I would sit in the back where we could exit quickly if there were any trouble. I never had to, though, as the babies were absolutely mesmerized by the singing and dancing and colorful costumes. I think they enjoyed the shows more than I did! And the only drink that was spilled was by their 62 year old grandmother!

We would also choose seating in the back when we visited the lounges. My large family easily takes up an entire circular booth by ourselves, so they were well separated from other guests. I doubt anybody even knew they were there unless they happened to see them as they walked by.

It does take effort to make sure that the presence of an infant (or two) doesn't impede on the enjoyment of other guests, but it can be done.
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