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My only problem is that most parents I have met - I'm sure those here are an exception - on a cruise tend to think only of themselves. It sounds like Luv2cruise you were wonderful in thinking about them and others and being close to an exit and prepared to leave dinner if had too. But many don't. Although I have to admit I don't see very many newborn to age 3 even on board. My only nightmare would be if the child screamed all night - that could really irritate me if I had the cabin next door. And really what can any parent do about that - it is natural. What if they do get sick - what can you do but nurse them. I'm just paranoid but I just don't know if I would bring a newborn on board. But untill such time as I am in their shoes I really am no one to judge. I wish them the best in whatever decision they make.. Most time it is not the kids but the parents and it seems you are a very good parent Luv2cruise. Debbie
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