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I honestly believe because so many people cruise the Caribbean and the Mediterranean that the majority don't really understand the power of the really open seas. While the North Atlantic has huge storms in the winter, I think that probably the Pacific may well, overall, be the more violent of the two. In any event I'll leave the definitive answer to that question to those of you who are or have been, professional seamen.

Irrespective of the decision, those smooth waters and sunny skies depicted in the brochures can surely change in a big hurry. That nut will be a very difficult one to crack. But, have faith, there may come a day when even category five hurricanes won't disrupt cruising. I can see the headlines now, "Richard Fain the Fourth introduces the Oasis of the Depths, Royal Caribbean's new 200,000 ton submarine!" Hey, there ain't usually any huge waves four hundred feet beneath the surface, are there?

Don't Laugh. You just never know.

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