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Default Mazatlan

I have read other threads where people say that there are no interesting things to see in Mazatlan. I just wonder, if they went on there own, or perhaps on a ship sponsored tour. If so, that is why. You have to go with someone that knows the area. When I travel, the first time I go to a city, I take a tour. You can read books, you can ask around, but if you go with someone that really knows, then you will enjoy.
A lot of people take a taxi or Pulmonia in Mazatlan around the city, sure, it is fun and cheap, but they are not licensed tour guides. They just tell you what they want, some things true, many invented. In order to be a licensed tour guide in Mexico, you must study at the University. Once you pass the exam, you must renew every 3 years, but every year, go to different courses adding up 160 hours per year. The last course in Mazatlan was aprox 6 months study, plus field trips and I heard that the cost was 1500us aprox.
So this is getting to be a profession. So, if you want to really learn about Mazatlan, go with a professional. Check that he has his tour guide license.
I will mention in a next post, about the different things you can do in Mazatlan on your own or on a tour.

Mazatlan Frank
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