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Originally Posted by elf
Hi Kerry,

The airline luggage here is limited as well. It's as though the airlines are discouraging us from taking any luggage!

I am guilty of overpacking! Just can't help it. I will though only pack one formal not two this time around. Better to have than not!!!

Boy the way the airlines and the cruiselines are nickel and diming, pretty so it will be impossible to either fly or go on a cruise, and that will be a sad day indeed!

Hi elf,

We're flying down on American Airlines. AA is charging us $15 per luggage! I was going to take a bag for each of us....just because. Maybe I'll rethink that.

We're flying back with a different airline (Us Airways) Since we booked before June something, US airways allows you a bag a piece without charge. If we had booked After June something, they would have also charged us to haul our clothes.

You're right! $$$ keeps adding up! I already told our sons that we are spending their inheritence on this trip.

News Flash!! We're going to be grandparents come Monday! If our d-i-l doesn't go into labor on her own this weekend, the doctor is going to induce labor. This will be our fourth grandchild. 1 grandson and 3 grandaughters.


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