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Default Have You Ever Received Compensation for Complaining?

I just ran across a web site advertising a book on how to "Write Complaint Letters for Fun and Profit" - the promo says the author once wrote a clever complaint letter to Ritz Carlton and was subsequently treated to a week in Hawaii in a presidential suite with all meals included.

Frankly, I think it is a load of crap, and I think the author is just out to sell books. Besides that, having a legitimate complaint is one thing, but looking for things to complain about just to score a freebie is hardly an esteemable act. It is downright loathesome, as all it does is make it harder for people with legitimate complaints to get compensation.

We see complaints here at CruiseMates all the time, they are almost funny in their predictability. You can always count on:

1. A smell that permeated the hallways
2. A random hair in the bathroom not belonging to the current occupants
3. A rug stain
4. Inedible food served in the buffet area (not all of it, just certain items)
5. Noise from somewhere they didn't want to hear
6. A rude staff member who upon hearing about the horrible cruise these people were having did absolutely nothing to help them except apologize.

Usually these things are just lead-ins to the BIG complaint, which sometimes are real problems, and sometimes not: Examples:

Not getting the requested dining times
Not being seated with other members in group
Sustaining an injury on the ship and being CHARGED for treatment by the doctor.
Sustaining an injury on a tour and expecting the cruise line to compensate them somehow.
Being charged for something they didn't buy
Not being allowed to cancel a tour at the last minute

In any case, recalling Brenda Moran and her "Professional Complaining for Fun and Profit," which led to Royal Caribbean banning her and her name becoming MUDD in several nespaper articles, I am just curious how many of you have had legitimate complaints and if you got satisfaction? If you did get satisfaction, how did you go about complaining, and if you did NOT get satisfaction, how did you go about complaining?

My goal here is to find out one thing:

What is the state of customer service at the cruise lines these days? Which cruise lines would you recommend as dealing very well with customer service issues?

(I also want to say - PLEASE do NOT judge posters in this thread. If people get pounced on for airing their complaints here we won't get a good response. Judge NOT and let the posts come in without comment on other's complaints - thank you!)
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