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I will be the first to say yes we have. We are not complainers. We have missed ports, been on cruises during hurricanes and detoured to different debarkation city and generally go with the flow. But I believe we had legitimate complaints on our 9 day Crown Princess cruise last October out of NY.

We booked a particular mid-ship mini-suite not a gty cabin. About a week before the cruise I checked our reservation on the website and noticed our cabin had been changed. We looked it up to see it was a suite, the first cabin forward on the Lido deck. We were never asked nor informed of this "upgrade". We called our TA who in turn called Princess only to be informed that we indeed received a "complimentary" upgrade. We were excited about it being a suite because of the perks but VERY concerned about the location. We were assured it was a great cabin and we would have no problems.

The cabin itself was nice, slightly different configuration because of the location. We had a 2 tvs, dvd player, free mini-bar, flowers, a bottle of champagne, table and chairs on the balcony and loungers. The bedroom was a separate room and the bathroom was huge. Another plus during the week, our cabin was serviced before the others once we left for breakfast or dinner.

Here come the problems, yes plural. 1. We experienced heavy winds on the balcony so we in essence had an ocean view cabin except when we were in port. The cabin steward had to take the table and chairs off the balcony and move the loungers to the far end of the balcony for safety.

2. We were directly under the treadmills in the gym. Every morning, and I do mean every morning, for the first 6 days at 7 a.m., we were woken up by a herd of cattle above us. Many days it was all day long. We called and visited customer service every day and it would stopped for a period of time. We were assured once that they put a sign on the 3 treadmills above us but when DH went up there to check, there was no sign. He asked if he could use one of them and was told sure, go right ahead. He laughed, shook his head and came back to the cabin. I went straight up to the gym and asked for the manager but told she was at lunch and no one was in charge. They acted like they didn't know anything about the treadmill situation. Back down to the Customer Service desk but this time we were a little more assertive and the situation was finally taken care of.

We received a letter from them stating how sorry they were for the inconveniences. I sent a copy of the letter with our story to Princess. I asked for the difference in price between an ocean view cabin and a mini-suite which we originally paid for. We did receive a monetary compensation on a future cruise but not what we think it should have been. They knew we had another booked cruise in 4 months and suggested we apply it to that which we did.

Overall, we did not let any of this ruin our vacation nor our opinion of Princess and will cruise with them again soon.

One other time we wrote a letter to a hotel chain when we returned home to express disappointment in our stay because the pool and jacuzzi were closed for repair and we were not notified. We received partial credit for both nights on our credit card within a week.

If you don't receive what you paid for and handle the situation with respect, you will be respected back.
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