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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
I used to say "you will never get service in a land-based resturant like you will on a cruise ship" but it seems the tides have turned somewhat.
Paul, how can you compare cruise ship service to land service when you are talking about Royal Caribbean? I have no problems with Royal Caribbean; only real problem on our short cruise was luke warm food. And, I won't say that I have not had problems on Regent. I have had some serious issues wherein I did complain and got either sufficient apology, change in procedures, refunds on shore excursions, or future cruise credits.

I think I would have gone further with your dining room escapade. I would have been in the Hotel Director's Office with Maitre D in tow. There is no excuse for the Maitre D to act that way. As for the assistant waiter, that is a training problem. I hope to never find such a poorly trained waiter.

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