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O.K.,,,you guys talked me into telling my story. As you know, we've been doing Carnival almost exclusively for the last few years, and I usually book inside GTY. On our last cruise, (Glory) we once again booked inside GTY, and were assigned cabin R1456. That's the last cabin on the port side aft. I had a feeling it might not be the best in the world, but what the heck, you take the good with the not so good. It turned out to be great, EXCEPT when underway, there was a constant Groan noise from machinery below us. It got worse, the faster we sailed, but wasn't terrable IMO. While walking through the atrium, I decided to stop at the pursers desk and ask them if there was another cabin available, and explained the slight problem. I wasn't nasty, or demanding, just inquiring. The very nice girl at the desk, noted my Platinum status, and told me that we were sailing "full ship", but perhaps something could be done, and she'd let me know. I really didn't expect anything, but the next morning I got a nice note from the pursers desk, stating that they were aware of the problem, and were looking into possible solutions. The next morning, a note appeared under the door, stating that they were VERY sorry, but there simply wasn't any way to move us, but to make up for the inconvenience, they were posting a $380.00 credit to my sign-n-sail card. The lovely Mrs. Jones ran, not walked, to deck 5 to the shops, and needless to say we walked away with lots of goodies, and a very small sign-n-sail bill. I later joked with Vita that I'd take that cabin every time if they'd always compensate me in that manner. Once again, I didn't yell, scream, demand, or act nasty, I simply noted the slight problem with the cabin, and that was the outcome.

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