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I have had a couple of times when something went so wrong that I felt compelled to write a letter to the cruise line afterwards. The most recent was Carnival in May when we took our two nephews.
I always try to mix compliments in with any complaints. There is always something really wonderful to note and I like giving extra credit when it is due. Our waiter on this trip was the highlight, so I mentioned him by name and table number.
But, I also was very specific about the problems.
We received back a generous ship board credit offer for our next Carnival cruise, which is in November...enough for a couple of tours and still cover most of our tips. We are Platinum, so that may have helped.
The one that totally blew my mind, though, was a Carnival cruise a few years ago. There was a hurricane that came up near the end of our cruise and the captain opted to take us out of its way. Thank you, Captain!
But, no ports were nearby, so we ended up with an extra sea day. I was appalled by the attitudes of some of the passnegers, who were furious with the decision. Carnival did everything possible to make things easy. We never book airfare through the cruiseline and hadn't this time either. But, Carnival rebooked everyone's flights and absorbed all fees and costs. They also waived all ship to shore phone call charges, whipped up some extra yummy meals and entertainment, etc., etc. And people still lined up at the purser's desk to scream at them.
Anyway, that bothered me a lot. When a person or a corporation does everything possible to make a bad situation good, they should get pats on the back. And, when we disembarked, the media was all over it, but would only talk to people who were angry.
So, I wrote Carnival a letter saying that we had been impressed by the way things were handled and thanked them. I did it not to get anything, but just to say how happy we were with them.
Here's the kicker. Carnival wrote back and set up a WOW welcome aboard goodie pile for our next cruise. I did not expect that at all!
So, you want true class? Go Carnival!
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