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Paul, when I suffered through my auto accident back in July of 06, I had already paid for a cruise on the Conquest for October of that same year. I had not even thought of it afterwards for obvious reasons, I had to get my mental and physical characteristics back to wanting to survive and live again. No one else was aware of the cruise. On day 46 before my cruise, I ran across the documents and frantically called Carnival. I kept getting the automated system and I left messages for a return call. The next day, day 45 before the cruise, I tried again and this time I was able to speak to someone. I explained what happened and that I was not going to be able to experience the cruise because I was in the physical appliances and it was all I could do just to move from bed to the kitchen table. I would not be safe in a crowd of people. He said I would not be able to recoup my deposit because of the time period. I complained that I was mentally unstable before the time period and that even then I was still unstable. He understood and suggested that I send a doctor's notice and a copy of the accident report and hospital report to the Carnival offices and they should refund all my money. I did that and I still had to forfeit my deposit afterall with nothing more than an apology for having to keep my deposit. That is my unpleasant experience with complaining.

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