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I have only had 2 small problems while on RCI. First was a bar order of 6 shots put on our Seapass card we didn't order or drink, the pursers office looked up the receipt ticket and took it off our bill, no comp given or expected. The Asst. Purser was very friendly and problem handled quickly.

Second problem a little larger. While on the Vision OTS a couple years ago, my wife and I applied for and was approved for the RCI Visa card, which the Loyalty Ambassador said we could add out current Seapass acct. on to and receive the double points while on the cruise. She handled all the arraingements. After getting home, we discovered RCI had charged the entire Seapass bill to both our cards, the CC we gave at the start of the cruise, and to our new RCI Visa card. We called RCI customer service and I had to write a letter of explination and fax it along with both CC statements to Miami. About a month later, the problem still wasn't fixed, so we resubmitted an updated letter asking them nicely to reverse the charges on the original CC as soon as possible. The second time we got a call from a customer service supervisor, apologizing for the delay. RCI reversed the charges on the correct CC, paid the interest as well, and gave us a $50 onboard credit on our next sailing in addition to the $100 OBC we already had for our Alaska sailing in Sept. 07. We didn't ask for any compensation, but the $50 was very nice of RCI.

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