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I was gambling at a casino in Oregon one time and a couple next to me were dropping a small fortune in the one armed bandit. They were miserable and stressed to the max. They were dropping the last dollar they had from thier helox and stated they had to win the big one or it was over for them. I was pretty lucky but they went broke. I started noticing the people around me and there were not just a few who were depressed and addicted. I have only been on one cruise last august to alaska and paid with my starwoods cc. I paid it in full online before the due date and used the points for the hotel. The mistake I made was not just making the deposit for the cruise but paying the cruise in full well ahead of time. It worked out fine and I did not have to cancel which could have been tough or recieved a reduced rate if the cruise had been discounted. I think some people think that if they hadn't charged or financed every thing they have they would have nothing so what's a little interest....MD
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