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Default Food

I see that Celebrity for food has received better marks then there competition.
I must say, I have been on many cruises, I have had good food and not good. even a dish that is just OK is long as it is hot, that is the price you pay for preset dining. All the cooks in the kitchen and servers start the production line, it's all about speed.
The larger the ship and the lower the staff to passenger ratio, will result in the food temps. being affected.
Now, that Celebrity has the Solstice arriving in November, they have there hands full.
Back in the days of the Zenith and Mercury, the staff to passenger ratio was very favorible and the excutive chief's had 50% less passenger to serve.

Now about Princess.Princess has made a few changes in there venue, they do not have an Excutive Chief designing the menu fleet wide, each ship has there own Excutive Chief. I must say that there $25 charge in the Itialian Speciality Restaurant was not my personal favorite. The preset dishes served prior to the main course were a bit much.
The $25 Sterling Stake House severd choice cuts of beef, I was informed before making reservations that they served PRIME, better off eating in the anytime dining rooms, the quality of the meats was not the best, but the food was prepared when ordered and was always hot.
PS the coffee sucks but the buffet was better for the most part because they were open around the clock.

Carnaval was not bad, it's a hit or miss on all large ships.

Holland America Line, food was good, buffet was not so good,
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