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Originally Posted by BrwnEyedGirl
Don't worry about the hurricanes, we had to travel around one 2 yrs ago, it caused a port change but one would never know there was bad weather since we sailed around it. Only bummer is when they change the itinery.

I agree being able to see the weather pattern on the monitor board would be neat. It is on your ship. I believe it is on the lido deck when leaving the buffet area walking towards the main attrium. If I am wrong just ask where it is. It's kinda cool because there will be a map of the coast and a line showing where the ship is, how fast it is travelling etc. Generally on the tv in your room they will give some info as well.
On Princess ships it's on your TV in your stateroom, which is very nice. It's kind of cool to wake in the middle of the night and do a quick check on where we are.

As far as tropical storms and hurricanes, they rarely happen in the Pacific along California and Mexico. This is, of course, not to say they can't, just that's it's rare compared to the other side of the continents.

Hugging the coastline. Yes, the Mexican Riviera hugs it, but the only time you see that with your naked eye is along the tip of Baja, which is actually quite cool and doesn't detract at all from the ocean feel.

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