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Hub - areas of speciality are Arts/Crafts (general), I've judged - sketching, drawing and paintings, ceramics etc. I also judge Flowers/Houseplants and my favorite is Foods - that's the one I judge at State Fair. I enjoy every minute of it!! Now, this is all for 4-H, but I have judged Open Class and that's a hard one because you are judging against one another - in 4-H the item is judged on its own merit and you have to factor in age appropriate for the 4-H'er and how much the 4-H'er knows about the project and what they learned while doing the project.

The sad part is when you get a 4-H'er who hasn't done all the work themselves, in some cases they've not done anything and you can tell when you question them - that's hard because the ribbon wasn't earned by them but maybe earned by Mom or Grandma or some other family member -
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