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They don't really 'train' you from scratch onboard - you get at the most 1 maybe 2 cruises to learn the gig (sometimes less if whoever was before you left suddenly . . which happens. RCCL does send techs to Hog training before they sign on a ship if they have a decent background in intelligent programming or experience already. Onboard training will be more safety and 'corporate' - they assume you already know the gig going in.

or I just found the below - an old job description from my line (covers light and sound, so a bit wierd). It's also good to know show control basic concepts and signal flow of timecode to all the automated lights/scenery/sound as that computer is normally in the lx booth. Some lines might have a separate 'show control' person though.

don't let this dissuade you - it's good to know what's expected of you going in! Design skills are not as important as programming and repair. Productions shows onboard have already been designed, most traveling entertainers may have been on the ship already, so their show's already in the board, or they just hand you the set list and 'looks' they need.

I think about 25% to a 1/3 of techs coming in are female - I started out as a sound tech (and a girl ;-) and haven't had an issue - as long as you know your stuff, you'll be OK

Must have a minimum of six years working in Professional Theater.
· Education and or comparable work experience in technical theater audio
engineering and or lighting design.
· Must have working knowledge of automated audio, lighting and show control
systems, i.e. Euphonics, SSL, Yamaha, Etc. Whole Hog, Dataon and Richmond
NT/Amiga System.
· Must be computer literate on Windows NT, Word, Excel and Lotus Notes.
· Must be able to troubleshoot, manage and maintain all aspects of audio, lighting
and show control systems.
· Must have working knowledge of major theatrical rigging systems, PLC and
PC systems.
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