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I just dumped down a few pictures.

But for quick starters - favorite desert was the Grand Marnier Soufle with Orange cream sauce. I did love the Choclate melting cake but the soufle was the tops.

Ports were Key West and Cozumel. We drove to Key West the day before and spent the whole day down there getting in all the sights. Had the pie at the Blonde Giraffe!!!

In Cozumel I have to say that I LOVED this day. Didn't do any shopping, exploring in the downtown, or anything. We did the Fury, snorkel, sail, and beach party excursion. I overcame my biggest fear of water and worked all summer on swimming and diving down into the water and snorkeling. For me the bigggest accomplishment was jummping from the side of the catamaran into the water. I hope those underwater pictures I took come out!!!

I'll work on the review and all the details and post it a bit later. All the dirty laundry keeps calling my name.

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