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Good Morning Mates,

Like Donna, it is raining again here. I will say though, Saturday afternoon the skies cleared for a bit and it was pleasant. After Church yesterday the sun came out and I basically planted myself on the deck with a fashion magazine and soaked in the Sun for several hours. I got nothing done, and I really should have, but I needed that sun time more than anything. I did go in a couple times when people needed me to attend to something, but I kept is as short as possible. Then it clouded up and the thunder began, so I went in, watched the end of the Red Sox game and played cards w dd - who I am sad to say now has less than a week left at home.

This week is just going to be crazy busy and I see no way how I can accomplish all that needs to be done, but I will try my best..I am exhausted before it even starts.

Donna I think your car is a lovely color. I know you will enjoy it immensely. I hope your headache isn't from breathing in all those new car fumes - lol

ToddDH - I love my Rib Roast rare too!

Mike M...loved your comment on planting the alpaca. I got to see many cute baby ones.

Hope everyone has a peaceful day
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