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I had the bright and delusional idea that I was fit enough to do the bicycle adventure in Ocho Rios. I knew I shoud'nt have had that third sweet roll that morning There were only nine of us from Mariner(my wiser traveling buddy chose to go horseback riding). They took us up the mountain 2000 feet and it was glorious soaring downhill past homes and the village of st anne. I loved stopping at a little school where the kids came streaming out and gave lots of hugs and were so excited about getting their pictures taken! Then came some of the uphill climbs where I thought I was going to die I could barely breath. At the end they took us to a beautiful cove where we could swim and snorkle and recover with rum punchs I will never forget this one and it was a definte highlight for me.----- On a past cruise I went to Trunk Bay on ST John and can't wait to get back there this Oct.
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