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Good Morning CMs,
A lovely but hot day in SE Florida, so far.

Doug, what a wonderful thing to be able to see your new grand children so soon. WOW!! triplets, I can remember when having twins was so rare now it seems its almost an eveeryday occurence. God bless and hope Lona morning sickness doesn't last too much longer, that is terrible.

Donna, I saw your car as we were driving home yesterday, but you weren't driving it! REally nice enjoy!!

Trip what a sad thing to happen. At least he was happy when we passed, doing something he was enjoying.

Jen, glad that you were finally able to catch a few rays and relax, you surely deserve it.

Tood, add anothr 2 peopl;e to the rare rib roast!

Wishing eveeryone a good day.
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