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Default Rise and Shine, Sports Fans, It's Monday

Good morning from sunny Southern California. Another hot one on the way.

Todd, make mine medium rare on that roast.
Doug, I LOVE that picture of Tortola! Makes me wish I were there again.
RD, easy does it. Hope you have something for that headache.

Well, I finally did it. I stayed up til midnight watching the Olympics, and it was well worth it. There were some disappointments, though. I wish Katie Hoff would have gotten that gold medal and that the gymnastics team wouldn't have had such a run of bad luck with injuries and nerves.

Can't believe that school is about to start again. Time flies and all that.

This afternon, the plumber is coming to pump out the septic tank. Isn't that exciting? Yesterday, I looked over the HAL brochure for our Jan. Circle Hawaii cruise and got a shot of goose bumps as I imagined the Zaandam pulling away from the pier. Of course, I was aboard watching as the crew tore those big hausers (I think) away freeing the ship for its departure out of San Diego. Oh, only five months away now . . .

It's gym day for Keith, and I will sort the laundry and do some other stuff I should have done instead of watching the Olympics. Have a good day, people.

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