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Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
I have been very comfortable in small cabins. Size ins't everything
Im not the least bit uppidity, but I felt the opposite. On the older, shorter RCL cruise, we were uncomfortable in the tiny space, at least I was, though I enjoyed the cruise. We are considering a PR cabin next time on Voyager class, had a OV last time which is bigger than a inside. We didnt look at the waves that much and think it would be more fun perhaps to people watch.

We are not big balcony folks. I think balconys are great if there is a possibility of alone time with a spouse or S.O. but if not they are kind of a waste, Id rather be up by the pool.

OP I think you might have been equally happy if you could have gotten an extended balcony on Spirit, but a suite is extra nice too. I think having a larger cabin will make the cruise more enjoyable. I like having elbow room in the cabin myself.
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