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Default Anyone got a shotglass from sun princess june/july 2008

Hi, I would dearly love to contact anyone who may have a souvenir shot glass from the above cruise (or any other cruise who may have had similar shot glasses). I am anxious to purchase one and can provide a photo if necessary. I broke one that my sister-in-law treasured and had not even had a drink out of yet and if you knew how bad I feel you would understand why I would like to get a replacement. There is a ball shape on the base and the glass in the ball is a gold colour. Hope to hear from you if you have any suggestions as to how I can get one. I have rung the company but they said the glasses are on the ship and they can't do anything for me. Even if a staff member could supply the name of the manufacturer I could may be able to contact them. Here's hoping you can help me. Cheers.
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