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I have made some other minor adjustments to go to less luggage. Bought small, sturdy ziplocks at WalMart, designed for med's. I use those instead of plastic bins, especially for OTC's. I also put one day's worth of prescription med's in one bag each rather than taking large bottles. Take paper copies of the actual prescriptions in a reduced font size if I need proof that they are legit med's.
Makeup kit is miniature, sample sizes mostly. I don't see any need to put on make up every time I leave the cabin, though some do. I use an aloe lipstick for daywear and only do the whole deal on dressy nights.
I have also cut back on jewelry, never wear hose anymore and my formal outfits are no longer the fancy dress with matching shoes, purse, etc. I have a couple of dressy purses, one each of black, gold, and white. I make sure that I only need to take one of those, along with one pair of shoes for any and all formal nights.
Over the years, I have accumulated some glitzy, fancy stuff that takes up a minimum of space. Poncho/pashima style tops that can go over a silk tank. I can put an entire outfit for formal night in a small purse!
Of course, now I also have a closet full of really dressy clothes that never get worn anymore. I just love them to much to get rid of them.

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