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I have used them 4 times, first 2 no issues, this current one is where things started going wrong. According to what I have learned, they have been bought out by a firm in MI. Now there has been several compliant of floating the final payment. Matter of fact, my final charges were on my card weeks before it showed up at the cruise line and the credit card invoice shows the agency rather than the cruise line. It took me weeks and several phone calls to get it resolved.

I am concerned because of the amount of internet traffic concerning them as of late. I have the corporate office # in MI if you need it. I ran across this forum while doing a search about complaints and felt I had to bring this up to you all. There has been a long discussion on another forum about this. I do not want to worry you, just let you know to watch you booking and be ready to insist on the final payment be made directly to the cruise line and check on it early.
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