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I have booked 3 cruises through Vacations to Go and have been VERY happy with thier service.
Both of the agents I have dealt with were extremely friendly and helpful. Most recently I booked a cruise (9/22/08 on the Millenium) that required coordinating our reservation with the friends that are traveling with us and he made that happen very easily. The friend was clueless as to how to book a cruise and he walked her through everything. And this was on a weekend, no less! All our arrangements were made and a confirmation arrived by email in about 24 hours. I can hardly wait! We are taking the train from So Cal to Vancouver to catch the cruise, which ends up in San Diego.
Last year we took a 32 day repositioning cruise on the Pacific Princess from Australia to Hawaii. It was wonderful, and one of the best parts was that we got one of those rare super upgrades from inside to minisuite! I was beside myself when we checked in! I am certain that the way our agent set up our booking was the reason it happened. We even got an unexpected stateroom credit from Vacations to Go as a thank you for booking with them. While we were out on that cruise, I decided to take my friend and my daughter on a cruise about a week after we got back- I just called Merilee and told her what I wanted, what card to charge it to and forgot about it until we got home- and had another nice cruise with almost no effort on my part.
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