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Default Just returned from's what happened....

Nothing happened. We had no problems what-so-ever! We had a wonderful cruise through Alaska, and when it docked in Vancouver, we had already signed up for the direct transfer with Princess and the "US Direct" program. We took care of customs right there on the boat before disembarking, they put us on the bus, sealed it, unsealed it at the airport, escorted everyone to the correct terminal, and then we just had to go through US customs before we waited in the section of the airport that departed for U.S. I was sitting in the second row of the bus, and I heard the driver say "..they seal the bus, that way they can tell no one got out in canada, then they inspect the seal at the airport. This way, the bus and airport terminal are considered US soil." Exactly what i had said before! We were so relieved. Anyways...i just wanted to let those know that if you meet the requirements (specific airlines, times, destinations) of the US Direct program for Vancouver destination on princess won't have any issues !
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