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Default Should children tip same % as adults?

Just wondering if children should pay the same % as an adult for tipping?
We booked 2 rooms: DH, 10 yr old and me, in one room. 2 son's 14 & 13 in other.
I am the one whom oversee's everything for my kids, just like any other mother.
I unpack thier clothes, clean up all of thier messes and make sure things are not out of control. I know we are on a cruise, relax and have fun, but I still am mom. I can't help it.

I know the waitstaff in the dining hall deserve all thier hard earned monies, but what about the room steward. If I am doing at least 90% of the work, why should I tip full price for the kids? Are we allowed to tip a smaller % if desired? Can we pay in cash?

The last cruise we were on, RCCL, the room steward, took care of kids only once, (we had 2 rooms again) brought them a movie and a couple of towels for the pool. That was it. He did nothing else and I had to tip him at least $75.00 for that?
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