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Default Re: Vegetarian in Dining Rooms and elsewhere

I forgot to answer your other question.....the Lido Deck buffet offers a good variety of different foods from different cultures and, as Mary mentioned earlier, the food at the wok station is very good on the Triumph and the Deli offers great tuna fish sandwiches if you eat fish, then there is always pizza, salads, fresh fruit, rice, etc. I have mentioned to the wait staff in the dining room that I am a vegetarian, it is not necessary to tell anyone else. The carnivores I travel with joke about my food choices while they're gnawing on a big hunk of beef, but there will be plenty of choices for you, just be creative and don't be afraid to ask for side orders off the dining room menu, anything you see can be ordered on the side, i.e., if they are serving Beef Wellington with broccoli and carrots, I'd just order a side of the veggies.
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