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Yep, VERY easy. The parking garage is located across the street from where you check in, (actually the entrance you must use for extended parking is about one block away) however, they DO offer valet parking, and they will take your car from the spot where you drop off your luggage if you wish, and park it for you. Yes, there is additional charge for this, but I think it's nominal. That would make it exceptionally easy, as you drive in, give the porter your checked luggage, give the valet guy your car, and walk 20 steps to check in.
Another good point for Port of Tampa parking, IMO, is that the garage is locked up as soon as the ship sails, and remains locked up until the ship returns. Pretty good security for your car, and it's contents. I'm not sure what the "per day" charge is now. It keeps going up at all the ports. I think it's either $12 or $15 per day now.
See y'all aboard.

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