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Default My 2 Dream Cruises - Anyone want to share an inside cabin

I have scoured the cruise sites for a couple years now and finally found the 2 dream cruises I want to take. I am a straight single man, 59, quiet, studious type, don't drink or smoke, and have a tendency to sleep & nap outside on the deck in one of the comfortable lounges most nights. I have no family left alive, so have absolutely no one to go with me anymore on cruises. I am a bit disabled with hip and knee replacements, so I don't move real fast and keep my walking to somewhat of a minimum. I am open to either a male or female roommate who is a bit independant like myself. I have a tendency to stay to myself alot, mainly because I am very sensitive to noise and loud social situations. I do like to socialize a bit, but mostly prefer 1 on 1 situations rather than crowds. I like to spend my free cruise time reading and studying about the wonderful places we are in route to.

Well now, the good part.

1) On Nov. 10 this year Holland America has a 26 day cruise out of Florida which combines the Carribean, Panama Canal, & So. America, with opportunity to visit the Galapogos. Three places I want to see in one cruise at a great price.

2) On Nov 18, 2009, a Princess cruise leaving Rome for 33 days ending in Florida after visiting Greece, Turkey, Egypt (pyramids), Italy (Florence, my favorite), France, Spain, Morroco, Brazil, amongst others. Another great price I found.

These 2 cruises cover so many of the places I haven't seen yet that after them Alaska, Canada/New England, and Hawaii will be about all I have left to see. A return to New Zealand would be nice 1 day, but first want to go to the places I have yet to see.

I am new here, so do not know the rules about posting sites or prices, so leave me a message if interested. I have a profile done but can't figure out the avatar or pic restrictions yet. I believe my email address should be on there.

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