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I can see where it would be easy for someone to become a "cruising addict". It's kind-of like a gambling addict; a lot of people go gambling to "escape" their problems or depression (most of which are middle-aged women). If they gamble enough, the casino hosts will make them feel like they are very important by recognizing them & comping them for various things, like free meals/hotel rooms etc... I have a good friend that is a recovering gambling addict; she has not gambled in 7 years. She also can't go on a cruise if there's a casino on the ship.

If you think about it, the cruise lines typically do their best to treat all of the passengers like they are important, making cruising a great escape for people that maybe don't have the happiest of lives at home. I would imagine that it might be pretty depressing for people that go on a cruise that they can't afford to pay for, especially when they get home & have to face the bills etc...

Although I love going on cruises, I would never go on one that we couldn't afford to pay off before we sail. My husband pays for everything on our AMEX, then pays it off monthly. Everyone deserves a vacation & should take their time off, regardless of what they end up doing!!!

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