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Originally Posted by LynzzieRN
I just returned the 19th from a 4 night cruise. We ran into Tropical Storm Fay and the last 24 hours or so of the cruise was horrendous rocking. Even people on the stage were toppling over. I had always gotten a bit sea-sick on my prior cruise but the scopolimine patch took care of it. But this time was different - I actually ended up physically ill. We spent an extra night in a hotel during the storm then returned home. I'm still dizzy and feel almost "floaty". I took my patch off yesterday and I'm much worse today. I have an extra patch - I'm thinking of putting it on to try and help. Hopefully it'll be gone in a few days. But really, it's ok - I broke my foot my last day in Fort Lauderdale during a storm so I'm chilling on the couch anyways.
I hope the first part of the cruise was much better for you.
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