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Default I need urgent help to decide between 2 job offers!!! Please!

heeelp!!!! Many months without being offered nothing, so many months looking for a job on board and now I have to decide NOW between two offers:

1. Costa Cruises. Role: International Hostess. Salary: 1500 Euros net a month. Duration of the contract: 5 months. Beginning of the contract: 3 october.

2. Celebrity Cruises. Role: Activity Staff. Salary: 1800 Dollars net a month (at the actual exchange rate, 1200 Euros). Length of the contract: 6 meses. Beginning of the contract: 8th september.

I sincerely don't know what to chose. It would be my first time on board and though I like more the International Hostess role, I find Celebrity a better company in general.

Finally, a question: does anyone know if the Activity Staff role is synonimous of Cruise Staff role?¿?

I would appreciate any responses as I have to decide TODAY!!

Thank you very much

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