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rhonda dean
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Default fourth cruise will be with kids

We have sailed the Jubilee twice and the ecstacy. My husband and I went as a couple the first time for his 40th birthday, and we noticed after a while, that we longed for a big group of people!! Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed time alone, but we also thought it would be grand to have a group to run into. So the next time we went, we went along with my parents, and my brother and sister in law!! We had a blast. The last trip we had 11 people with us, and a hodge podge group it was! My husband is a professional musician, and he has played his sax on many talent shows (It is not a contest, or he wouldn't do it) I am his bragging committee, because he is too humble. Anyway, this october 9 we are going on a seven day on the elation, and we are taking the kids. Chandler 9 Olivia and Rebecca 6 for some reason, this time I wanted them to go! I think camp carnival will be perfect for their ages. The twins love any organized event with kids! I will probably have to drag them out. Chandler the nine year old, if he gets to know some other kids his age, he will also have a good time. We decided to take them out of school for that week, since they already have two days off. I did this thinking it would be less crowded. We have my mother in law with a few of her friends going, and another couple with three kids going. My son will be the only boy, and the oldest, so I hope there will be another child there that will need Chandlers company. Any input on this is welcome Oh, and if you are sailing on our date, please let me know!!

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