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rhonda Dean
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I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, but the American young people these days need a little nudge in the department of pleasantry!! I believe that is why most employees of the ships are from other countries. I am a born american!!! Love America, but I am always shocked when I get good help these days! I should be shocked when I get bad service, but in today's world it is the other way around. I own my own business, and it is hard to get good help with a smile. My husband is a professional musician and spends his days and evenings entertaining people, and I cut hair, and make america beautiful So, when we go on a cruise, we really enjoy being waited on, and it has always come with a smile. I hope this will still be true in october when we head out on the elation I know the pay isin't that good, since my husband has been offered a job before, but the problem is, that his real money comes from, weddings gala's, etc... here in houston, so going away for several months is not an option. He would lose a lot of money. But, we do enjoy our cruising.

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