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Default Re: thinking out loud

Not everyone gets tipped, and many of the tips are split several ways, the bartender, the cocktail waitress, the waiter in the restaurant and the chefs and bus boys. Even the cabin stewards have to split their tips with others. They all do an amazing job, and even if they are cranky, they should still be tipped. Just remember, some of them are away from their families, including their children, for months at a time. And they do it to provide a better life for their families. Even if it is $2.00 and hour + their tips, it is a lot more money than most of them would be making otherwise in their own country. It makes me really appreciate what I have here, and that I see my family as often as I want. I know that most of us tip, and some VERY generously, but if you ever think about not tipping because of less than par service, just think about how you would feel, especially towards the end of your run, not seeing your family for months. These people deal with us demanding people day in, day out, week after week, and we can be pretty demanding of them sometimes. Always try to give a little extra if you can.

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