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Default Re: Carnival's *pre-paid* gratuities

What is wrong with everyone? If you went out to a table service restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a family of four for 7 days, how much would you spend? How much would your tips amount to? The tip money is divided and shared between a good number of people, not just your head waiter, assistant waiter, and room steward. The room steward also has a helper he has to tip, there are bus boys, clean-up crew in the buffet dining room, etc., etc. You've spent a good amount of money for 4 people to have a great cruise experience, don't penny pinch on the tips, they deserve every penny they earn out of the tip pot. The only way this practice can change would be for the cruise lines to bump up the cruise price per person and tell everyone that all tips are included in the price, period, the end. If they institute that change, you and everyone else that gripes about the tips will not have an option as to how much everyone gets. I have sailed with people that felt the same way that you soon as they boarded the ship, they immediately went to the Purser's Desk and had the tips removed and said they would tip the staff as they saw fit at the end of the cruise, ha! Everything was going very well all week until a minor inconvenience towards the end of the cruise which embellished on and used as an excuse to withhold all tips for every single person, they left nothing for anyone, zip. Another couple in our group, spent all their money gambling and on souvenirs, and didn't have any left to leave anyone either. I think $10 per day per person is a small price to pay to have my meals served to me every day, to have someone clean my bathroom and leave me clean towels every day, to vacuum my room, make up my beds, empty my get the message.
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