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Default Re: 14 Day Cruise - Formal Nights?


Originally Posted by You
Booked on Grand Princess for 14 days cruise 2-16 Jan 09. The Princess "Cruise Answer Book" (great and very helpful document) says that on a 14-20 day cruise there are 3 Formal Nights. Are there any sets days that these formal nights are? Other cruises we have been on had a formal night the 2nd night of the cruise and the next to last night of the cruise. If there was a 3rd night it was on an at sea day that made it easier to get ready for dinner. When we cruise we make up a dailey schedule and hang it on the closet door. That makes it easier to decide what to wear and what to be prepared for. Any answers will be helpful.
The first "formal" evening is usually on the second evening of the cruise, and the last "formal" evening is usually the next to last evening of the cruise. Ships usually deviate from this custom only if they are in port into the evening hours on either of these evenings.

On cruises with three "formal" evenings, the second "formal" evening is somewhat less predictable. They usually try to hold it on a day near the midpoint of the cruise when the ship is at sea or, failing that, when the ship leaves port no later than 4:00 PM, if there is one.

You probably will receive a schedule of evening dress in your cabin at embarkation. If not, you can ask which evenings will be "formal" at the Purser's Desk.

BTW, if you are a Navy Master Chief Petty Officer, your "dinner dress white jacket" uniform would be perfect for the "formal" evenings.

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