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Thanks Norm.

I guess I'm looking for a little security and an escorted tour, where I don't have to think about when/where I'm going to next. And if I'm late for my ship, guess who's fault that would be

I kind of like the fact of having the same tour guide throughout my land tour, and not worrying about meals (most included).

While I agree I could do it cheaper, for me, being on vacation is not worrying about transfers, lodging, renting cars, paying for gas, meals, tipping, etc.

Other places I have gone to, I actually enjoyed traveling by motorcoach. Most times the drivers are very friendly and knowledgeable. I can ask many questions on the way and learn about different cultures. Meeting new people on tours like this is also fun.

Another thing that turned me 'on' to the tour were the excursions that were included.

As they say, to each their own. It's a personal choice.

I am interested if you have taken the NB6 tour yourself. Pro's? Con's?

Not booked yet,
and looking for info,

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